Chris Orrick: “Bottom Feeders” (feat. Fashawn) [prod. by Exile]

Chris Orrick: “Bottom Feeders” (feat. Fashawn) [prod. by Exile]

Chris Orrick (fka Red Pill) is one of my favorite emcees of all time, his ability to relate to the listener in the continuous human struggle sets him apart from the majority of rappers out there. Two years ago Orrick released his sophomore album “Instinctive Drowning” produced by Ill Poetic where Orrick opened himself to the listener about his personal life, flaws and more.

Orrick has returned to the mic as he gets set to release his third album “Portraits”. Orrick is calling this project a return to form, we gain proof of this in the first single from the album in “Bottle Feeders”. “Portraits” includes production from Nolan The Ninja, L’Orange and more and “Bottom Feeders” is produced by Exile and features Dirty Science emcee Fashawn.

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