Change- “feels like nothing” feat. KC

Change- “feels like nothing” feat. KC


Emcee and engineer Change has been in the game much longer than most realize. However in that same breath he’s had his hand on some of my personal favorite records by artists including Cunninlynguists, Shiesty Khrist, JustMe and many more. During the time he was engineering we didn’t hear much from him on the music circuit, aside from a potent single in “White Privilege”.

Today though, I’m pleased and honored to announce that Change is back. I’m here to premiere his single “feels like nothing” off his upcoming album “EmotionL”. Change has always been one to fill his bars with honesty, whether about the state of the nation or his personal and internal struggle and that’s where “feels like nothing” comes in. You can feel the weight on his shoulders and it comes through in the music. Frequent collaborator Johnny Bishop comes through on the production with a sound we don’t usually hear Change on, but that just further shows his growth as an artist.

You can stream “feels like nothing” below, “EmotionaL” drops this summer courtesy of Illect Recordings.

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