Change @changehiphop @tee_wyla @illect @sohhpr “White Privilege” Audio

Change @changehiphop @tee_wyla @illect @sohhpr “White Privilege” Audio


In the wake of Dylan Roof’s racially motivated terrorist attack on the AME Church in Charleston, SC on June 17th, emcee Change, and producer Tee-Wyla went to work.

“It’s really frustrating seeing the media portrayal of this tragic event. It’s so backwards… When a white, racist, terrorist, attacks a black church bible study, and openly flaunts his racial motivation for doing so, news outlets call him “Mentally ill” or “Unstable” and deny that racism exists. It absolutely exists, and if you can’t see it, you’re in complete denial…,” Change states.

This single, from Change’s forthcoming album on ILLECT Recordings, takes a direct hit on the media and their coverage of this event, as well as many of the racially charged events over the recent past. While the content will not resonate with all listeners, and it may be more controversial than some will like, we hope that this record will inspire dialogue on the topic of White Privilege, what it truly means, and how we can all do our part to bring equality to a world where gross social injustice continues to take place.

“While this song may be a bitter pill to swallow for some, there’s an underlying truth within it that needs to be addressed. Self-reflection is needed by White America, and once we realize that we are part of the problem, we can begin to make the changes necessary to right those wrongs,” shares Change.

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