Chance The Rapper and Kaytranada Combine With “And They Say”

Chance The Rapper and Kaytranada Combine With “And They Say”


Chance The Rapper is one of the most whimsical artists around, and a collaboration with Kaytranada recently released shows they understand each other quite well. “And They Say” appeared on May 14th on OTHERtone, the Beats 1 show hosted by Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener. The track is happy and laid back, and feels like something one would bump while cruising to the grocery store to pick up one item, or while lying around enjoying the sunshine. Although this song is new to many of us, Chance has shared it with fans before. So don’t get too excited when he says “new album alert.” Listen below.

Beats 1 seems like a haven for artists to discuss and share their interest in music and their work. Perhaps we’ll see more and more artists pursuing podcast programming, or even try their hands at other mediums such as film. Could artists become more than just musicians and effectively become jacks of all trades? The game is ever-changing.

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