CGB – Q and A Interview (New Album dropping on 7.24.15)

CGB – Q and A Interview (New Album dropping on 7.24.15)

CGB is a rapper hailing from Canada who has been putting in some serious work since his last project Limitless Progression which dropped back in 2013 (check out my review HERE). I’ve had my eye on CGB since he dropped Limitless Progression because the project as a whole was very cohesive and CGB and his features shined across the board as they spit over the old-school inspired production.

But now we are midway through 2015 and CGB is about to grace us with his latest project titled THINK which is set to drop on 7/24/15 (CGB’s 21st birthday).

Check out my Interview with CGB below.


Sam: What’s your name and where are you from?

CGB: My name is CGB. I’m from Ottawa, ON (Ontario) but I’m currently based in Vancouver, BC (British Columbia).

Sam: What does your name ‘CGB’ mean?

CGB: ‘CGB’ means whatever you want it to mean. It is really my initials, but I want yall to use your creativity when trying to figure it out.

Sam: How long have you been rapping?

CGB: I’ve been rapping since I was 16 but I only started taking it seriously when I turned 18.

Sam: How’s the hip hop scene in Canada? How has it grown?

CGB: I would say that it’s not as strong as it is in the (United) States. I’d say it’s harder to get heard and leave your mark, you know? We have Drake, we have The Weeknd, we have Shad, but it’s really spread out here. Toronto is the heart of the hip-hop scene in Canada.

Sam: So I reviewed your last album Limitless Progression back in 2013 and really enjoyed it. What is the name of your next release and how do you feel about it in comparison to Limitless Progression?

CGB: It’s funny because Limitless Progression has the perfect name. I’ve progressed a lot since LP dropped without even noticing, but it definitely opened a lot of doors for me. My newest project, THINK, is very similar to LP in the sense of the construction and direction of it, but I’ve improved a lot. I have in-house producers helping me. I’m working with dudes I truly respect for their craft and what they’re doing, and that definitely inspires me to make the best music I can possibly make.

Sam: Awesome man. Who are some of your in-house producers and others featured on THINK? By the way great title. I like the all caps too.

CGB: All caps when you spell the album name, son. I got my homie Cubez on the project. His production is just crazy, seriously. I got the fam GoldSoul to make a beat for it. Ignorvnce has a beat on there, too. I got A La $ole from Pro Era on this shit. OSHUN is on it. My girl Camellia Sinensis, too.  It’s dope to know these talented cats fuck with me enough to put work in for me.

Sam: Nice man. What all do you have in store for when THINK drops? Merch? Shows? Etc.

CGB: World domination. I’m planning to hit up the east coast before the end of the year to do some shows with all the NYC fam. I also got some tees in the works, it’s up to yall for them to release tho. Expect some crazy visuals too.

Sam: Exciting stuff. Where can newcomers and fans find THINK when it drops (on 7/24/15)?

CGB: You can hit up (my website) and find it there and it will also be available on my SoundCloud and BandCamp. Follow me on Twitter to find those links.

Sam: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? What about newcomers to your music?

CGB: If you’re reading this right now, I fuck with you. It’s hard to do this kinda thing but fans and supporters remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing. I love all of you. Doesn’t matter if you like one song or you just don’t fuck with me at all, I appreciate realness from everyone.

Sam: I appreciate the interview my man. Glad that Dead End Hip Hop can help promote the launching of THINK. I’m greatly looking forward to it.

CGB: Much respect to you and everyone at Dead End Hip Hop man, I appreciate yall. Much love. One.

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