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January 29, 2015

Video Premier! Gajah – “The Grands” (w/ Uncommon Nasa)

Dead End Hip Hop is very proud to premier the new¬†video from Gajah for his song “The Grands” featuring Uncommon Nasa. This is off his newest album, Hands Of Gold Are Always Cold. Check it out! When you’re done with that, check out the review Myke C-Town did for¬†Hands Of Gold Are Always Cold here.

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Childish Gambino – “STN MTN/Kauai” Late Pass Solo Review

  Merry Christmas, motherfuckers! What better present could I give you guys than an album review that you’ve been requesting since it dropped? I should have covered this month ago when it was decided that Dead End Hip Hop wasn’t going to have time to review it, but I got super busy and skipped it. I finally have some time on my hands so, today, I reviewed the latest project from Childish Gambino, “STN MTN/Kauai.” Enjoy!

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Hail Mary Mallon – “Bestiary” Solo Album Review

I’ve been meaning to review this for a while, but have just been too busy. But I finally got the time to talk about the new album by Hail Mary Mallon (Rob Sonic, Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz) entitled Bestiary. Let me know what you think!

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Gajah – Hands Of Gold Are Always Cold Solo Review | DEHH

For today’s solo album review, I talk about the new album from LA-based MC, Gajah produced entirely by Uncommon Nasa. Check it out!

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Cunninlynguists “Strange Universe East Coast” Tour


Friends of the show, Cunninlynguists are going on tour! The show kicked off last night with a phenomenal performance so you don’t want to miss them if they’re in your town! I fucked up and bought tickets to another show that night and couldn’t make it out. Don’t be like me!   DATE ARTIST VENUE LOCATION TICKETS NOV 6 CUNNINLYNGUISTS J-Live, Pack FM, The Difference Machine AISLE 5 ATLANTA, GA TICKETS NOV 7 CUNNINLYNGUISTS J-Live, Pack FM, Thee Tom Hardy CAT’S CRADLE CHAPEL HILL, NC TICKETS NOV 8 CUNNINLYNGUISTS J-Live, Pack FM, Tonedeff, Substantial EMPIRE SPRINGFIELD, VA TICKETS NOV 9…

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