Cassidy and Swizz Beatz Sued

Cassidy and Swizz Beatz Sued

Swizz Beatz and Cassidy are being sued for $1.5 million for unpaid royalties.  Whoa.  Cassidy’s 2007 hit ‘My Drink N My 2 Step’ is the song in question from the B.A.R.’s album.  Antwann Frost is allegidly claiming co production on the record.

The lawsuit was filed on October 18 in which the producer claims that he helped create the drums and over rhythm.  Frost was given proper credit in the liner notes and Swizz offered Frost $5,000 and 5% ownership of the song but Frost believes he should be an equal partner in song ownership.  I mean,  I can see that.  Without that beat, no song right.

Anyway, Cassidy has a fourth album coming out in November on the 16th title C.A.S.H. (what’s up with all these acronyms) on Carmelo Anthony’s label Kross Over Entertainment, through E1 (aka Koch).  Sooo, basketball players are creating label now.  Thank you Ron Artest.

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