Cameron Butler releases “Voyage to Ataraxia”

Cameron Butler releases “Voyage to Ataraxia”

“Initially I was going to have someone do a really prolific description about my album, but this is my album so I’ll take up for it. This album isn’t for everyone who is expecting me to be making the same kind of music as everyone else, as well as the same music I’ve made in the past. I hope this album resonates with you as a listener and inspires some sort of creative fire in your heart. If not, I guess just listen to something else. At the end of the day, all I can do is present the music. I can’t make you like it. With that being said, enjoy.”
– Love, CB

Cameron Butler of Concord, NC from the Born Again New York Collective (BANY) releases his album “Voyage to Ataraxia” and it’s a psychedelic, hip-hop, rap fueled trip through Cameron’s brain through twelve tracks. The uniqueness of his album stems from the entire project being produced, mixed, and mastered by Butler himself. It’s entirely his own vision for sure and it shines on the opener titled Brain and Do What You Like. The songs are lengthy, settling you into his world and all that comes with it.

Featuring Semaj Sinclair, Garrott Odom, Blue November, Wonge and Robb.b you can listen to Voyage to Ataraxia on SoundCloud, purchase it on the BANY Records websiteBandcamp, and other music streaming services!

Keep up with Cameron via Twitter and explore the rest of the Born Again Records family on their website.

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