Bush vs. West

Bush vs. West

George Bush
Former President George Bush

Well, now that George Bush has a #1 best seller (the first for Random House since Bill Clinton’sMy Life” in 2004), it’s time for Kanye West to stand up. According to Random House, President, *ahem*, former President George W. Bush’sDecision Points” sold 775,000 copies during its first week of publication and e-book sales are 100,000. This is no surprise really. I mean, the guy was everywhere and by making the statement he did about Kanye, he went viral. He was on all the urban hip-hop and R&B radio stations, blogs, and websites.

Bush’s topics range from the Sept. 11th attacks, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Hurricane Katrina. Well, what else did you think he was going to write about. They have increased copies of the book like they were in war all over again by changing the initial print run from 1.5 million to 1.85 million. Remember Bush, President Obama can’t bring those back.

Kanye West With Mic
Mr. West

So Kanye, time for match point. Bush has made his money off you so can you debut at #1 with your new album “My Dark Twisted Fantasy“. He faces stiff competition in Nicki Minaj but Kanye’s fan base should be firmly in place. We’re watching Mr. West.

Truth be told, yours truly (yeah, that’s me) will be buying the book. I can’t comment until I have the facts together so I’ll read it. I am only buying the ebook though. It should be around 10 bucks. Now, I will be buying the hard copy of Jay-Z’s “Decoded”. That deserves a spot on the book shelf! As non fiction, both of these are a good edition to the Kinge Library.  Aight. I’m out.

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