Joe Budden Tackles Lil Yatchy’s Business Ignorance On “Everyday Struggle”

Joe Budden Tackles Lil Yatchy’s Business Ignorance On “Everyday Struggle”

Ever since it was announced that Joe Budden will be teaming up with DJ Akademiks for a new Complex produced show “Everyday Struggle”, my first thought was “cool”. I have been following Joe Budden’s “I will name this podcast later” and DJ Akademiks hip-hop culture breakdowns on Youtube and pretty much familiar with their unique styles. They are quite different, but interesting nonetheless.

The latest episode of  “Everyday Struggle” brought in Lil Boat as a guest, which I found somewhat weird considering the fact that Joey called him out a month earlier with Boat responding with a Lil B diss track via Instagram. In the business world, I must say it was simply genius bringing these two factions together.

Right from the start of the interview, things looked a bit funny (to me anyway), with Boat constantly reaching for the mug. Joey wastes no time and going for the jugular with his trademark gesticulations and somewhat “aggressive” mannerisms.

A lot were said but the question that got me thinking was when Joe asked Boat if he knows what kind of record deal he signed ,to which Boat replied in the non affirmative.

Some Yatchy fans may find it difficult to watch while others will cheer for Budden but the truth was said between the smiles, sarcasm and somewhat lackadaisical responses from Mr Boat.

Watch the interview above and drop your comments.

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