Blue LAW$ and Kalonji LAW$: “You Know” [Track Review] by @MILFENCE

Blue LAW$ and Kalonji LAW$: “You Know” [Track Review] by @MILFENCE

Brooklyn is synonymous with hip-hop. The traditional boom-bap, New York sound is a key foundation in the genre. In the past few years, this sound has seen a resurgence thanks to artists like Joey Bada$$ and his group, Pro Era. Also contributing to this resurgence are artists like Kalonji LAW$ and Blue LAW$. Both are part of the larger Brooklyn collective, NYC LAW$. With his EP, Sped X, on the way, Kalonji decided to release a throwaway track he did with group member, Blue, to keep fans entertained while they wait.

The track is smooth, boom bappy reminder that Brooklyn is still alive and booming. Blue comes in with the first verse and not even two seconds in, he already begins tearing the beat apart with potent, aggressive lyrics: “I’m like a wake up call, get a slap from my fat penis, if you can’t keep up, read my lyrics on Rap Genius,” Blue gets progressively more hyped on the track, which then cuts to a smooth hook. The hook is followed by Kalonji’s verse, which maintains the high energy brought forth by Blue’s verse. Kalonji’s much lower, bassier voice is a great complement to Blue’s higher voice. He also brings quality bars to the table: “I’m from the ghetto, yeah, I can relate, just like a fire zone man nobody’s safe,” The track then rides off into the sunset with a resurgence of the hook and a smooth play out of the sample.

It’s guys like these that get me excited that the New York sound is still alive and well. Check out the track, and stay tuned for Kalonji LAW$ new EP, Sped X.

Grade: B+

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