Blu & Exile: “In The Beginning: Before The Heavens” [Album Stream]

Blu & Exile: “In The Beginning: Before The Heavens” [Album Stream]

2017 just seems to have flown by, because I was certain this record wasn’t coming out til next month. Blu & Exile if you don’t know released a classic album in 2007 called “Below The Heavens” (this reminds me that I need to do a Retro review of the record). This album changed my life, hearing the struggle of such a talented artist, from financial troubles, relationship issues and even self-doubt in his own path seemed to resemble my experience in life. Exile’s production rooted in boom bap but genuinely was one of a kind. Enough going back though, more importantly though Blu & Exile have come back together to drop an entire album of cuts from the vault properly titled “Before the Heavens”.

You can stream the album below and if you’re like and need the physical you can cop the vinyl HERE.

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