BlaccOut Garrison: “It’s Never Fair, But It’s Worth It” [EP Review] by @bigsto (#2016DEHHRewind)

BlaccOut Garrison: “It’s Never Fair, But It’s Worth It” [EP Review] by @bigsto (#2016DEHHRewind)


If you’ve read any of my other work on Dead End Hip Hop or Blavity, I’ve mentioned numerous times how weird and kind of jarring 2016 has been. A couple years ago when shootings and other inequalities minorities faced were brought into the limelight, many turned to hip-hop to provide some sort of conversation to the very serious issues our country was facing. Here in 2016 many emcees have started stepping to the plate. However Minnesota emcee BlaccOut Garrison reminded me how important the underground/indie scene is to this conversation. His latest EP “It’s Never Fair, But It’s Worth It” is filled with commentary and not always in the way you expect.

The EP starts off with “Friendly Fires” and off top you can already tell this project is going to be a bit more personal and a bit more dark. This is a perfect juxtaposition to his last EP “Cranberry Applejuice” which was a bit more upbeat. From the beginning BlaccOut is challenging the listener and himself, talking on being fragile in these days but not letting it get us bitter. BlaccOut continues on “Broken Glass” with a sample calling Black men to be better men and this is only two tracks in. “Broken Glass” continues with BlaccOut gliding over a spacey beat about his own insecurities. I just can’t express enough how important BlaccOut’s vulnerability is on this record again especially when put next to his last effort.

What brings this project together is BlaccOut’s ear for beats and setting himself up with artists that compliment him, his message and the production. “Share Your World” continues the more relaxed and chill vibe with production by LTB and BlaccOut talks about the love he has for his partner. Vee Major drops a doozy of a verse and fits our emcee here. The love songs continue on “Sex on the Floor” which is pretty self-explanatory but BlaccOut grabbed perfect production to wax poetic on. This isn’t some club joint, but Garrison truly showing love to his partner, truly enjoying and having fun with his partner.

I’ve been watching BlaccOut Garrison since he dropped his “Cranberry Applejuice” EP and it does my heart well seeing his growth as an emcee. The last EP had more of a celebratory feel to it and was a bit more upbeat. This time around we have BlaccOut doing more introspection on himself and the world around him. He brings you into his struggles, but he also still has a lot of hope and love to give in his music. With this being his third project hopefully we’ll see a full-length from the Minnesota emcee next year, but for now check out “It’s Never Fair, But It’s Worth It”.  

Grade: B

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