Big Homie Stone: “Private Show”

Big Homie Stone: “Private Show”

After receiving acclaim for last years Neo-Soul heavy PRMSLND album, Las Vegas artist Big Homie Stone drops off the new UliCookUp produced single, “Private Show.” Carrying a largely strip club influenced sound, Stone let’s off smoothly calculated bars about pimping, stripping and everything in between. In addition to the new single, Stone also announces the new name change to Big Homie Stone, which was inspired from his 2017, ‘Big Homie Stone Tour.’

“Set to the tone of ridiculous production by UliCookUp, “Private Show” sees Stone deviates from the Neo-Soul sounds of his debut album PRMSLND, & instead sees the Vegas native attempting to expand his horizons. “Man I’ve been in my bag with the strip club records lately,” Stone tells RESPECT. via text, “I’ve always told people I was gonna do a run of booty club music but I never did. I always made serious ‘Hip-Hop’ soulful shit, or whatever you wanna call it. But the 2007-2012 house party scene was so influential on everything I did, It’s like goin back to yo roots.” Stone continued, “Vegas don’t relate to everything but we relate to ratchet.” -RESPECT. Magazine

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