Big Homie Stone: “Don’t Know, Don’t Kare” [Album Stream]

Big Homie Stone: “Don’t Know, Don’t Kare” [Album Stream]

“Originally billed as BIGHOMIESTONE & said to be handled by one producer, Stone instead masterfully crafted a seven-track-EP handled by all Vegas producers that is sure to set him apart from the rest of the pack, both nationally and locally. With piercing lyricism to accommodate high octane melodic runs and action packed production, Don’t Know Don’t Kare is without a doubt Stone’s best work yet.
From the enigmatic intro, “Two Phone Stone” the Las Vegas native sets the tone for the rest of the project, creating a hard hitting, punch-line focused approach as opposed to the more groovy style he elected to go with on his debut. The project then perfectly bridges the gap between the first two tracks with a hilarious skit about buying weed, that’s so relatable, it’ll have you fuming that you didn’t think of the skit first. Standouts from this project include, “Like Me,” the ZOTiYAC assisted banger that’s sure to be a fan favorite, “Left Cheek,” a hook-heavy party anthem that gets straight to the point and “What Happened,” a cluster-fuck roller coaster ride that sees Stone leaving the melodies at home and instead spitting some of the best lyrics of his life, bar none.” (via Respect Magazine)

An energetic album with the swagger and confidence fit for the end of summer you can stream Big Homie Stone’s “Don’t Know, Don’t Kare” below.

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