Baby Kahlo: “Trance” [Music Video]

Baby Kahlo: “Trance” [Music Video]

You know I feel like the battle between old school and new school hip-hop is going to rage on until robots are creating their own music. Back in the day, radio, MTV and other mediums gave us the chance to preview new music before committing to it. The equivalent to that now I feel is social media, a couple weeks ago I was aimlessly scrolling down my Twitter timeline and a vibrant trailer grabbed my attention immediately.

That trailer was from Baby Kahlo and 4KMedia for Kahlo’s video “Trance“. Kahlo displays many facets of talent in this one joint alone, from a catchy hook to the change ups in her verses, Kahlo flows freely over production from Micheal Taylor and TokyoTendo. This is just the beginning for the Baltimore native as she plans to release singles all throughout the year. Keep it locked here for everything hip-hop but for now peep “Trance” above.

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