B Jay: “The Voice Of The Misunderstood” [Album Review]

B Jay: “The Voice Of The Misunderstood” [Album Review]

As most of you know, I’m a sucker for underground hip-hop, the boom bap, the DJ scratches, features from emcees you haven’t heard of that are also dope that you end up researching their catalog. In B Jay’s EP “The Voice of the Misunderstood” I was taken back to those times where lyrics matter and grimy production held more prominence than it does now.

The first facet of B Jay’s music that stood out to me was his delivery, his voice reminds of those back in the day, where it wasn’t about autotune, it wasn’t about making your voice sound a certain way, you had to work with what you had and rip tracks or get tossed. B Jay helds an air of confidence throughout the EP and commits to himself as an artist.

“The Voice of the Misunderstood” is perfect for these times and this climate, the seven track project is a deep look into B Jay’s life, mindset and process. Not all of it is sunshine and rainbows my friend, Jay is in the rat races and dealing with all the self-doubt, criticism and negativity that comes with it. Tracks like “One of a Kind” really show isn’t trying to be like everyone, but is still trying to find his place just like the rest of us.

My only gripe with this EP is that for seven tracks I do wish there was more variety, the tracks become a bit predictable after a couple listens. All of this said B Jay is going to continue to grow as an artist, he hasn’t reached his final form yet. I feel “The Voice of the Misunderstood” is a solid introduction to the Toronto emcee, let’s hope a full-length effort is coming soon.

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