Atari Blitzkrieg – A Cold Day

Atari Blitzkrieg – A Cold Day


Atari Blitzkrieg’s Technicolor Crime Scenes drops in four days and today, we have one more track from the EP. A Cold Day is produced by Nasa and has a nice old school feel to it. I don’t really like using that term much these days as I think it’s starting to become over used but as a guy that grew up listening and hearing certain sounds of music, it’s a feeling that I get when hearing certain songs. With this one, I’m really feeling the sound of it with the scratches, drums, and the bassline. I’m digging the way Atari is rapping with himself on here also which is dope. It adds to the record.

If you pre-order the project now, you get 5 LP tracks right away and the only way to get the Dungeons x Dragons track with Vast Air is if you pre-order the project on Bandcamp.

While there are tracks on Technicolor Crime Scenes produced by Atari, you’ll also find production from 4th Disciple, Krohme, Nasa, IV the Polymath, Willie Green & Masai Bey along with features from Hell Razah, C-Rayz Walz, Breez Evahflowin, Uncommon Nasa (formerly Adam Warlock) and Masai Bey.

Listen: Atari Blitzkrieg-A Cold Day

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