Apoc – Make Horns!

Apoc – Make Horns!


After recent successes, including a headlining showcase at POP Montreal and the prominent use of a number of his songs in MTV’s hit series Jersey Shore, Post-Hip Hop pioneer Apoc is back with a brand new EP, “Make Horns!” produced by frequent collaborator Earmint.

The cover art for “Make Horns!” (designed by Apoc) is adorned with a series of visual puns featuring the titular instruments and appendages as well as the age old hand sign more recently associated with Heavy Metal fans – but the EP’s title is a reference not only to the synthesizer horn sounds featured so prominently in the production of these 5 songs, but also to the songs’ themes of vilification and blame, on an individual and societal level. Apoc collaborated more on the production of these songs than ever before, and the result is a lush, full sound that is indebted equally to golden age Hip Hop and Chicago House as to the modern sounds of American Trap and UK Grime. The dark yet danceable beats are a perfect launching pad for Apoc’s ruminations on accountability and the dynamics of right vs. wrong.

Listen: Apoc-Make Horns!

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