Android No. 23: “Adverse” [Album Review]

Android No. 23: “Adverse” [Album Review]

Another week, another pitch from me giving you another DMV artist that you’re sleeping on. At this point I wonder how deep the talent really goes out there, because it seems endless. Anyway today I have Android No. 23 who hails in Baltimore and he’s just released his EP “Adverse”.

The EP is five tracks but those five tracks give us a peak into 23’s style and psyche and there’s more to unpack than meets the eye. Off top, 23 handled a decent amount of the production on this which is scary in and of itself. Who knows who he could team up with on just a production tip? Again in only five tracks 23 gives us the spectrum, personal cuts woven in between bangers made for the whip. Lyrically, 23 is confident, I would like to see him experiment a bit more in terms of his delivery but that comes with time.

One On One” has our hero taking down his foes one on one and one by one. While it does have the cadence, the adlibs of other tracks we’ve heard before it still works here. Follow this up with the VLAD featured “Fair Trade” and you have a set of heaters made for the summer. A track later 23 flips on us with the personal and dark “In The Shadows”. This is my favorite track on the project because he’s not only honest with the darkness and depression he’s faced, but he also reminds us that ultimately the choice is ours. Will we succumb to the darkness that plagues us daily….or will we raise and triumph. The choice is yours.

“Adverse” is a diverse set of tracks, “I-95” is a prime closer and truly has me wondering what a full-length is going to sound like from Android 23 given his breadth of talent. This isn’t just find some fire beats and throw some cool words on it. Android 23 is chasing a purpose and is here to motivate you through the trials and tribulations. You can stream “Adverse” below and keep your ears perked as we’ll be interviewing Android 23 soon.

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