Andre Balboa: “Choir Practice” EP [Album Review]

Andre Balboa: “Choir Practice” EP [Album Review]


Christian Hip-Hop (yup that’s where we’re going) has gotten a mixed reception pretty much since its inception. We’ve heard it all right? CHH is boring, predictable or just artists trying to be “Christian” versions of mainstream artists. Since I started writing about hip-hop almost a decade ago, I’ve been into Christian Hip Hop and honestly want to see the genre do better. One of the artists I feel are pushing the genre where it should be is Andre Balboa.

Today we’re going through his “Choir Practice” EP and in my eyes it’s a proper prequel to his upcoming full-length album “Preaching to the Choir”. This EP is only four tracks deep but I already like what Balboa is coming with on this joint. One of my biggest issues with CHH is this “I’m perfect and you’re all sinners” mentality that some of the lyrics comes with, but off top Balboa puts himself with the listener in “Hypocrites”.

All four songs genuinely put Christians on notice and Balboa even puts himself on notice spending the project reflecting on his actions and how he walks. The production takes more of a wavy, hazy approach and it fits the darker more personal tone of this project. I think the “Choir Practice” EP will make a ton more sense when paired with the LP, but this project is a great sample by itself. Check out “Choir Practice” below and keep it locked here Andre Balboa’s “Preaching to the Choir” will be out in 2018.

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