Alireza shows us how his trials and tribulations on “Never Seen”

Alireza shows us how his trials and tribulations on “Never Seen”

Multi-talented rapper/vocalist and guitarist Alireza is taking his craft to a whole new level as he releases the visual for his song “Never Seen”.  With a wide-ranging eclectic list of influences including Bring Me The Horizon, XXXTentacion, Thy Art Is Murder and Earl Sweatshirt, Alireza merges both metal, trap, rap, and rock to deliver a contemporary sound that cuts across a broad range of listeners. “Never Seen” sees the rapper dwell on his personal struggles growing up in the DMV as a black man. Armed with a fiery flow and heartfelt lyrics, he takes the listener deep into his world over the dark, trap soundscape provided by producer Jason Rich famed for his previous work with both Lil Peep and Lil Xan.

Prior to his hip-hop efforts, circa 2010 Ali formed ‘Louder Than Quiet’, serving as the bands lead vocalist and guitarist. Having previously played in various non-starting GoGo bands in the DC Area, the metal-leaning post-hardcore band had an all-black lineup and a progressive message. He is currently working on his debut project ‘Endlyss’. A project with dark undertones, heavy beats, metal guitars and a conscious message.

Speaking of ‘Endlyss’ (a portmanteau of Abyss and Endless) Alireza states “Happiness isn’t meant for some people. And happiness is a place where some people don’t know they can go. So they smoke and use drugs or women or alcohol or whatever substance they want until they can feel no pain. The outbursts of anger can come when you don’t have an outlet or a substance to use. But I can’t judge anyone who can function and live in this society. Sometimes it’s not good or bad. Not black or white but just grey…”

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