Album Stream: CashUs King – ‘CHURCH (of a good thief)’ LP

Album Stream: CashUs King – ‘CHURCH (of a good thief)’ LP


CashUs King, formerly known as Co$$, dropped off a new album, CHURCH (of a good thief). The album has friend of the show Yamin Semali on it as well as one of DEHH’s favorite artists, Blu. Check out his thoughts behind the album and hit the stream below for a listen:

CHURCH is not a building where we gather to praise God. CHURCH is a state of mind. CHURCH is the battlefield, the basketball court, the bedroom, the office, etc. As long as you’re connected to something greater than yourself, you’re a member of the congregation of mankind. I haven’t been inside of a literal CHURCH in over 10 years, but everyday I wake up and go to CHURCH. Every time I leave my home, I’m attending CHURCH. This project is a secular prayer to a God that I’m not sure exists. Being unsure is the only thing I’m certain about. I’m far from being an atheist, nor do I believe that we just exist to make pointless choices before we return back to the dirt. I believe we’re all connected… all a part of something greater…all pieces that combine to create the whole. I’m just not sure God is a concept the human mind can fully grasp. CHURCH is my attempt to make sense out of something that can never make sense to a living human being.

Stream/Buy: CashUs King-CHURCH (of a good thief)

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