Album Review: Scribbling Idiots- Invitation Only

Album Review: Scribbling Idiots- Invitation Only


The Scribbling Idiots have been on the grind for years, however as a collective their last release was almost 5 years ago. For those who don’t know Scribbling Idiots is made up of, Cas Metah, JustMe, Mouf Warren, Wonder Brown, Theory Hazit, Elias, MotionPlus, MuzeOne, Re:Flex the Architect, Ruffian (RIP), and Jaq (who doesn’t have any beats on this record). “Invitation Only” is their newest release and is in essence a compilation record because everybody and their mom (including yours) is on this album, however an SI member is on every single joint.

I’ll start of by saying from front to back this album bangs, production was handled Theory Hazit, Re:Flex, Fab Da Ecletic, Beat Rabbi, muzeONE, Sojourn and Thought P and they all bring their own flavor yet somehow still manage to make all the beats on here sound somewhat cohesive. The album starts off with “Got That Hunger” which was one of the first singles to drop and comes through with a banging beat by Theory Hazit. JustMe and KJ-52 join Hazit and rip the track while EF Cuttin comes through with some killer scratches.

One of my beefs with this record is that there aren’t too many concept tracks on this, there are some like “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” which has more of a darker feel to it. The joint features Mouf Warren, Legal Alien, Ruffian, Knowdaverbs and Cash Hollistah and the title speaks for itself. It’s all about what we all know we should be doing but for some reason or another (usually an excuse) we end up not doing it. This and a couple other tracks are the only concept songs on the album, most of them consist of grabbing a bunch of emcees and ripping the mic.

Luckily however SI keeps this project varied enough not just in terms of production, but in terms of who all had a voice on this project. Guest verses come from all over the place, Capture, Sojourn, Playdough, Propaganda, Listener, DJ Sean P and many more. One of the collabs I have to talk about is “Here We Go” which has Mouf Warren and Listener (two of my favorite emcees) finally collabing on a track. Over a fresh Theory Hazit beat containing an addictive guitar sample and neck breaking bassline, the two pretty much just do their thing with their own signature style on this joint. Mouf’s opening line is one of my favorites “Figured you would’ve known by now, not to mistake kindness for weakness/my silence more timeless than anything you be speaking” I mean come on people, tell me that’s not dope.

Another collab worth talking (and there’s a ton) is “Nothing to Prove” which features, Capture, Sundance, JustMe and Sean P over a beat by Re:Flex the Architect. Now Capture and JustMe both talk about how they have nothing to prove because they’ve been working so long to get where they are now. Sean P’s verse fits the topic but is a little off kilter from the other two verses but, I thoroughly enjoyed his verse and I’ll let you guys take a listen and see what you guys think.

“Invitation Only” is filled with cypher like tracks where everyone is tossing the mic between emcees, raw lyrics being spit over dirty, grimy, samped beats with deejay scratches put on a good portion of these tracks giving it that old school feel. While I do wish there were more concept joints, everyone on this album rips their time on it. It’s a straight up hip-hop record, and heads will appreciate it and if you’re a fan of Scribbling Idiots or anyone featured on this chances are you’ve already copped it and if you haven’t then get on it. I’m not entirely sure where the group is going as a collective but I’m hoping we get a true honest to goodness LP from them soon. For now though go cop this and enjoy the raw hip-hop you won’t be disappointed.

Grade: B

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