Album Review: Funkghost – “Caviar Taste”

Album Review: Funkghost – “Caviar Taste”


Hip Hop has always been motivated by “taste”. Fans can tell the mentality, maturity and mission of an artist according to their taste in culture, music, fashion and other things. Lately, within the game, many artists have left “bad tastes” within the culture’s mouth. It seems as though everyone is doing the same thing and not striving for anything different. Every now and then, there comes a artist that comes to polarize our palate. At this time, it’s Funk Ghost bringing us Caviar Taste.

Funk Ghost brings out fun within the fundamentals of a track. Every track on the project has single potential. Not only are they fun, but also come equipped with clever bars that make hip hop fans fall in love with hip hop. He nails giving the ladies a anthem with “What You Need (I got it)”, letting the ladies know that there is no worries when you’re with him. Funk Ghost gives his best and compassionate bars on “Dear Lord” asking God to watch over him and the “Judas’ that be around him that want to be him”. “Inside and out” Funk Ghost shows that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with within the game as he just moves fresher than most artists. On “Stronger than before”, Funk Ghost is putting cats out of work making them get unemployment with his unshakeable faith and motivation into breaking into the game.

Caviar Taste is a breath of fresh air within the game. He is the “Sebastian Shaw” showing how he can absorb all hated energy from overs to create raw strength. I can hear the mentality of Jay-Z, the fashion of Kanye and bars of Fabulous all within Funk Ghost. Take a listen and enhance your taste buds with “Caviar Taste”.

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