Adult Swim Kicks Off DOOM’s “The Missing Notebook Rhymes”

Adult Swim Kicks Off DOOM’s “The Missing Notebook Rhymes”


What’s better than new DOOM? New DOOM for 15 weeks, maybe. I was minding my own business (which is none of your business) today when all of a sudden I see adult swim post something about The Missing Notebook Rhymes. From what I can tell and from what XXL can confirm, adult swim will be releasing one new DOOM song every week for 15 weeks. And with the first track “Notebook 00 – Negus,” they kind of set the bar high. Week one is DOOM and Sean Price, so I’m incredibly excited to see what else is coming.

The latest on DOOM is he’s working on some unreleased bonus collaborations with Danger Mouse from their 2005 album The Mouse and The Mask. If you missed “Mad Nice,” featuring Black Thought and Vinny Price help yourself to it here. And don’t forget to check out Imperius Rex by Sean Price, a posthumous album releasing tomorrow, August 8.

You can listen to “Notebook 00- Negus” HERE by following this link to I’ll make it span multiple sentences so you don’t miss it.

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