Adalid @Whoisadalid “Before Greatness” Album Review

Adalid @Whoisadalid “Before Greatness” Album Review

After watching Kobe and the Warriors last night, it feels like the word “greatness” is in the forefront of people’s minds. This is a word that can sometimes be used very loosely. Sadly, it’s used in music very often. Almost every artist thinks that they are…great. On the other hand, there are artists that are humble enough to take the steps to get to that point. This is where we insert our artist now. Adalid has decided to show us his journey to this title with “Before Greatness“. Let’s follow him to see where he is going.


Adalid starts the album off with a inspiring and motivating word from T.D. Jakes on “Next“. He reintroduces himself to his fans and listeners with ” A Good thing“. He lets us know that he has found peace in not recieinvg fame too early before maturity and his new found wisdom was found. This is a very transparent and open book style track. The irony within the song is how he speaks on all of the bad he has endured and has used it to become “a good thing” for his future. “Years” has great production and the listener can really enjoy Adalid and Jeremiah  Lyrics trade bars. The hook is really what draws you in and has one of the best groves on the whole project. Next, Adalid shows a darker side as he tells a gripping story on “Grace“. Adalid then shifts to creating a ode to his lady with “Down” and WXnder Y does a nice job with the hook. He ends the album strong with “Foundation” and “Might be my last“.

This project is short, sweet and to the point. Adalid shows signs of becoming great with consistent content that he makes. He has a unique and sharp sound that goes past the trendy artists we hear out now. I really enjoyed the flow of the project. It progressed well and felt like a actual movie. I like how the theme of greatness was carried out within every track. “Grace” speaks on the option of having a great life from a spiritual aspect and even with his track “Down”, he was speaking about having/finding a great woman. From hearing previous projects from Adalid, I know that his intentions are to make the greatest music he can make for his fans and music lovers. If he keeps making music like this, he could have a farewell as Kobe did. Spread The Soup!


You can check out the album >>>> HERE!

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