Ace Henderson: “runaway”

Ace Henderson: “runaway”


Ace Henderson is an artist out of North Carolina and I have something a little different for you today. Over a hypnotic instrumental (produced by L-Camino) Ace Henderson brings us the single “runaway”. Now at first listen it’s easy to pigeonhole the sound to just being about a woman Henderson is having complications with. However if you dig a bit deeper you’ll see that he’s talking more about vices and the lines posed.

It’s the line between are we enjoying our lives to the fullest when we engage in our vices or are we just using these vices to escape our reality? Take that journey with Ace Henderson in “runaway” the first single from his upcoming EP “Free Nights and Weekends” which releases June 30th. Make sure you keep it locked here at Dead End Hip Hop, as we’ll be dropping more content from Henderson soon.

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