Ace Henderson: “free: nights & weekends” [Album Stream]

Ace Henderson: “free: nights & weekends” [Album Stream]

North Carolina’s Ace Henderson had an interesting 2017, but thankfully it’s all culminated to his latest release “free: nights & weekends”. My favorite part about Ace as an artist is his ability to dip into various genres while keeping himself intact.

If you recall correctly we actually had “runaway” on the site a couple months, going into “free: nights & weekends” though you have to understand that Ace is trying to show you all of his sides and abilities. All six tracks blend together to give us a cohesive project, but Ace approaches every track differently to present the full package of his abilities. You can check out “free nights & weekends” below, throw it on your late night before you go out, you won’t regret it.

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