Ace Henderson: “Free Nights & Weekends” [Album Review]

Ace Henderson: “Free Nights & Weekends” [Album Review]

I feel like the music industry is as diverse as ever, between hip-hop, R&B, electronic, the list goes on and on. North Carolina’s Ace Henderson doesn’t fit in one particular lane and in his latest EP “Free Nights & Weekends” we get to see the full range of talent from Ace.

Off top Ace’s ear for production is on point, this is probably the most cliche I’ve ever written, but “Free Nights & Weekends” is a genuine vibe. From the hazy opener in “Push” you can feel the late night sounds as Ace pleads his case to his current love interest. With Ace, there’s soul in his speech, the music is supposed to put you in your feels.

The culmination of all this in my eyes is “On The Way”, I’m not sure if this was purposely meant to follow up “Runaway” but it felt like it. From the ambient escalating sounds, to the faint guitar, Ace brings Niya Wells, Marc. A Figueras to just take this track to a heavenly level. I’ve played this joint back so many times, I’d absolutely love to hear a couple more joints from those three.

Everything on the EP made sense to me, however “Getaway Driver” was a bit out of place to me. The production was pretty off-kilter to the point I couldn’t really follow the melody and it took me out of the experience the rest of the album had for me. That said, “Free Nights & Weekends” is an immersive and deep experience, if you wanna get in your feels this is the record for you. EPs serve a lot of purposes and Ace has shown and proven that he has a wide range of talent. I have no idea what a full-length from Ace would sound like and that has me excited for what’s to come next year in 2018.

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