Aaron Rose – “Swank Corleone” (prod. by Latrell James)

Aaron Rose – “Swank Corleone” (prod. by Latrell James)

Pro Era member Aaron Rose delivers a tough-as-nails new heater, ”Swank Corleone,” that also serves as the lead single off his long-awaited EP, Elixir.

While a majority of the EP is produced by fellow Brooklynite J57, “Swank Corleone” finds Rose collaborating with Boston artist Latrell James. And the result is one of the heaviest tracks the emcee has released to date. He has his own rhymes to thank for that, because he blends ridiculous wordplay with an even crazier flow that he rattles off over massive bass and moody piano keys.

The skittering instrumental is the perfect complement to Rose’s bars, which combine tough-talk bravado (“My ni**a, I’m very clever/ Let me guess, you too?) with some shots aimed at his critics. Just peep these lines: “Step into my ring, get boxed in/ The most diverse, but they sayin’ we boxed in/ So even if you drop a pin, you couldn’t find me.” You may think you know what Rose and his Pro Era cohorts have to offer, but you’d also be dead wrong.

“Swank Corleone” can now be streamed, and is available for download as the first instant grat track off the iTunes pre-order for Elixir, which drops Dec. 16via Coalmine Records.

Listen: Swank Corleone (Prod. By Latrell James)


01. The Root of Sole

02. The Art of Sole

03. Parkside Ave

04. Break It Down (feat. Domo Genesis)

05. Jimmy’s Open Bar (Interlude)

06. The Shift (feat. Dirty Sanchez)

07. Swank Corleone

08. The Art of Sole (J57 Stay Paid Remix)

09. The Art of Sole (Instrumental)

*All tracks produced by J57, except for “The Shift” which is produced by The Audible Doctor, and “Swank Corleone” which is produced by Latrell James.

Pre-Order Links:

• iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesElixir

• Amazon: http://bit.ly/AmazonElixir

CD Pre-Order: 

• Fat Beats: http://bit.ly/FatBeatsElixir

• Amazon: http://bit.ly/AmazonElixirCD

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