What if Kanye West was Modest?

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What if Kanye West was Modest?


Kanye West has cemented himself as one of the most recognizable fixtures in hip hop. He has done this by releasing a very impressive discography which is jam-packed with variety. West is also very well known for his antics that are unrelated to his music. From calling out the President on national television to physically attacking paparazzi to providing for some incredulous sound bites during interviews; it is safe to say that Kanye West is a household name but whether it is for good or bad reasons remains to be seen.

West is notorious for his bravado and the only thing seemingly bigger than his fame is his head. His latest album, Yeezus, displayed Kanye West’s egocentrism as he proclaimed he has reached God-status.

Kanye West can be extremely frustrating for his fans. Some just want him to keep quiet and keep making music because in the end, it is undeniable that he is and extremely talented musician. His behavior begs the question: what if Kanye West was modest?

What if he was always extremely pleasant during interviews? What if he did not portray himself as someone larger than life? What if he never constantly diverted attention to himself?

Below, I will explore three different possible alternate realities that involve a modest Kanye West.

Scenario 1: A Lovable Modest Kanye West

scenario 1

“I never rock a mink coat in the winter like Killa Cam,
Or rock some mink boots in the summer time like Will.I.Am.
Let me know if you feel it man,
Cause everything I’m not made me everything I am.”
– From “Everything I am”

In this world, Kanye West has reached heights even higher than he has in reality and it is all because he has completely ditched his arrogant demeanor. He is extremely humble and lovable with pictures of him kissing babies on the forehead circulate all over twitter on the daily. In interviews, West constantly thanks those around him and constantly exclaims that his success is because of them. The tabloids constantly try and coax Kanye into bad behavior, but they are never in luck as the Chicago MC never slips.

Kanye West’s newest LP, Modeezus, is a 10 track masterpiece that is dedicated to the concept of humility and giving thanks. West’s personal life is extremely closed off and the general public do not seem to know much about him other than what he expresses in his raps. West is on top of the world and is supported by millions worldwide.

Scenario 2: Kanye who?!

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 25, 2013

As a result of Kanye West abandoning his arrogant ways, he never ended up becoming famous in the first place. He never ended up dropping out of college to produce beats full time because he never imagined he had it in him to make it big. Although he does sometimes update his Soundcloud page when he has free time between his fulltime job and raising a family, Kanye’s extreme modesty ended up costing him his worldwide fame

“They rewrite history, I don’t believe in yesterday,
And what’s a black Beatle anyway? A fucking roach?
I guess that’s why they got me sitting in fucking coach.”
– From “Gorgeous”

In this case, it turned out that Kanye West’s undying confidence was the spark that started his career. His un-breaking faith in his own abilities and extreme confidence is what carried him to ultimately reach success. This modest Kanye West lacked the drive and the willpower to make it big and his music never reached the masses.

Scenario 3: Modestly Modest Kanye West

scenario 3

In this world, Kanye West rests on the middle ground between extreme modesty and arrogance. He remains confident, but you would never catch him referring to himself as Yeezus. He still playfully quips in interviews about his success and sometimes brags about all of the money he has in his raps but he makes sure to balance that with constantly thanking his fans and being respectful to others. This Kanye West steadily maintains his confidence, but he makes sure to balance it with modesty so that he does not give off a “holier-than-thou” persona.

The Kanye West in this reality reigns supreme. The Kanye mentioned in Scenario 1 is unrealistic, the Kanye in Scenario 2 is non-existant but the Kanye in Scenario 3 has the perfect balance. The problem with the Kanye we have all grown together with is that his arrogant antics have completely taken away from his music. He started off as a lovable and relatable rapper who was praised for his amazing production to someone who no one wants to root for anymore.

And why?

No one wants to see someone succeed who claims that they are superior to you. It comes down to being human nature as West has set up a situation for himself where he is doomed to fail. When a self proclaimed God stumbles, it suddenly appears as devastating blunder. From being booed at his shows to the steady backlash from mainstream social media, it is evident that Kanye West is on a downward spiral when it comes to public perception.

“Me and my ego,
And it go wherever we go,
My ego is my imaginary friend,
He was with me when I was only imagining,
I had dreams of the league,
One day I play Kobe,
I walk up the puff and he already know me,
Coulda let the dream killers, kill my self esteem,
Or use the arrogance as a steam that power my dreams,
And my ego.”
– From “Big Ego (Remix)”


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