A-Minus & Chanes: “Therapeutic” [Album Review]

A-Minus & Chanes: “Therapeutic” [Album Review]

Stop sleeping on Left Of Center.

A hip-hop label based out of Detroit, I honestly believe Left Of Center has the potential to be a pillar in the hip-hop community. Today I have a review of their fourth release by A-Minus & Chanes with their LP “Therapeutic”. I first heard A-Minus on his “Ecology” verse on Nolan The Ninja’s debut album “he(art)”. Since then I’ve pretty much been begging to get a full album from the Detroit emcee. Chanes has produced for a ton of your favorites, Roc Marciano, Sean Price (RIP) and more.

The two coming together for one project already had my ears perked, because one producer, one emcee albums allows a foundation to be established. You’ve heard it a million times, it’s the canvas for the artist to wax poetic. “Therapeutic” starts with seems to be the commonality in Detroit and that’s an old school intro with a call to action and references to the loud…’s perfect. A-Minus sets the tone blending over the Chanes instrumental as though they’ve been working together making records for years.

Now listen, walk with me for a second. I love underground hip-hop, you know I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a backpacker or whatever. But check it, not every single track needs to be some deep lyrical statement, fight against the government type stuff. “Therapeutic” is a hazy, cloudy, and energetic in its own way. “Solemate” is a track about Minus’ love for shoes, which is then followed up by a heater in “ProPane” which features explosive features from Nolan the Ninja & E-Fav (of Clear Soul Forces).

A-Minus does tackle his issues and conflict he’s had with women caused by past relationships. Tracks like “Blindside” hit me right in the feels and I don’t see how anyone couldn’t relate to the trust issues that permeate from stories like A-Minus’. Chanes production really makes this record cohesive so even when A-Minus is covering topics like this you’re still able to keep the mood. The blunted production with hard drums, there’s no flaw in Chanes instrumentals.

I think this album is nothing short of genius, when you dig a little bit. We live in a time where attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been. A-Minus and Chanes give you an album under 30 minutes, but packs it full of personality and addicting production that you can’t help but go back to it. I could be looking too far into this, but “Therapeutic” is perfect for the smoke session. So roll one, grab your friends and some good speakers and dive in. Let’s pray this isn’t the last time we hear from the new duo.

Grade: B+/B

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