93 Bandits “Flood The Market” with new EP

93 Bandits “Flood The Market” with new EP

93 Bandits are using the aptly titled “93 Week” to bring fans some new music and good times along with it. Rashad Stark, Hooks Ventura, and Grizz come together for a four-track EP with songs that are full of their inspiring bravado, easy going hooks, and production that wouldn’t be out of place at your next function when you looking for a good time. The production from Kifo and KC have a lot of energy and rhythmic flow that allows for the three bandits to fit where they know best across the four tracks.

While it only clocks in about 10 minutes total, 93 Bandits has something of a short burst of energy that can serve as a snack-sized sampling of the group’s subject matter and music styles.

Follow Rashad, Grizz, and Hooks on their respective Twitter Profiles and listen to the Flood The Market EP below.


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