79 | Blake Griffin’s Child Support $$$ x Lebron’s Promise

79 | Blake Griffin’s Child Support $$$ x Lebron’s Promise

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BURNTmd – GTDMIB: PhilMadBurnt Anthem (ft. Phil The Agony & DJ Grazzhoppa) [Prod. by Madlib]

Around the time that Strong Arm Steady & Madlib were working on In Search of Stoney Jackson, the Brooklyn-bred, VT transplant BURNTmd and Phil The

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Stretch Money – ’25 Miles Per Hour’ Album Review

Coming off the heels of a string of mixtapes and singles, Stretch Money’s sophomore release ’25 Miles Per Hour’ features a man still distraught by his hometown’s situation, but determined to stay positive and succeed despite the odds. And although producer Nick Speed’s flawed production causes thematic bumps, the album succeeds as well.

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