77 | WTF Is Boonk Gang? (ft. @LukeyCage & @CountBlackula)

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77 | WTF Is Boonk Gang? (ft. @LukeyCage & @CountBlackula)

This week, we’re honored to have Dom from Dom’s Sketch Cast and IzReal aka Lukey Cage on the show filling in or Feefo.

Dom’s Info
Twitter @countblackula
Instagram @cblakula
Snapchat @cblackula

Lukey Cage
Twitter @lukeycage
Instagram @lukeycage

Nas – [2:07]
Nicki Minaj/Azealia Banks – [8:17]
Cardi B – [21:20]
Boonk Gang – [29:10]
Insecure – [44:04]
Pass the Mic – [55:47]
How to apporach a man
Chasing women

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Executive Producer: Kennith B. Inge
Producer: Sophie Bryce
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Audio Engineer: Kon the Don
Mastering: Brandon White
Audio Editing: Kon the Don
Graphic Design: Sophie Bryce and Modest Media LLC
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