66 | Drake, Kim, and Kanye

66 | Drake, Kim, and Kanye

This week’s topics:
Marvin Gaye vs Stevie wonder – [00:10]
The Walking Dead – [05:49]
Netflix Shows – [15:13]
Poppa Drake – [25:20]
Spotify – [34:02]
Kim Kardashian/Kanye Tweets – [41:05]
Jersey Beach cop fights woman – [59:19]
Roseanne Barr Canceled – [01:06:06]
Black Spider-Man saves kid – [01:13:57]
Sza – [01:20:46]
Wendy Williams vs Dennis Graham (Drakes Dad) – [01:28:00]
Pass the Mic Segment – [01:30:00]

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