65 | Slutmaker, Laurel, or Yanny?

65 | Slutmaker, Laurel, or Yanny?


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Back at it again this week with another crazy show on deck. This week, we chop it up about:

[3:10] Sophie vs. ProCrazz
[5:03] Amber Rose vs. Jesse Lee Peterson
[20:18] Kendrick Lamar vs. White Fan
[46:08] Texas Shooting
[59:20] 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review
[1:09:30] Laurel vs. Yanny (Yanni)
[1:23:15] Playboy Model Suicide Responses
[1:28:45] Pass the Mic
– Girl Going to College
– Should I Tell My Ex her boyfriends cheating?
[1:45:07] Royal Wedding

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