3 Things I learned from @Zo3hree5ive @FEoffical and his “I Read Liner Notes” Movement| @Chicangeorge @Deadendhiphop #Skybreak

3 Things I learned from @Zo3hree5ive @FEoffical and his “I Read Liner Notes” Movement| @Chicangeorge @Deadendhiphop #Skybreak


We are living in a digital era. For millennials, this is an exciting time for them. However, for those of us born prior to Y2k, it can be frustrating. One topic that we seem to constantly disagree on is music. Even though my generation can appreciate the evolution of mixtapes (I mean actual mixtapesNo I mean like actual cassette tapes) to cds to MP3s, The change has created somewhat of a disconnect with fans and the artists. This is where producer, Zo!, comes into play with his “I read the liner notes” shirts movement with the launch of his new album “Skybreak“. To some, it is simply a cool type of merch to buy, but for others it’s a standard that has been taken away from music. With the help of “streaming” and a microwave mentality, no one ever looks at or is concerned with the liner notes with albums anymore. Here are three reasons why we should follow suit with Zo! and get back to reading and appreciating artist’s Liner notes:

Tangible– Yep. If you’re old school, you love to actually hold your cds. Nothing was better than actually opening your tape or cd and looking at the booklet and actually placing the booklet/liner notes into your cd case. Having tangible items from your favorite artists makes a lasting impression on you and allows you to appericate the project better and longer.

Talent– Did you ever wonder who was singing background/featured rapper to a song, so you can possibly pick up their album? Have you ever wondered who produced that track that is the favorite one off the project your listening to? Well, these answers and many more are found in liner notes. Liner notes served as a pandora station before prior to pandora. There are hundreds of artists and producers that I wouldn’t know or love today if I didn’t read Liner notes from certain projects from the past.

Thank You– This may seem weird to think about, but an artist’s “Thank You” section from their liner notes gives you a deeper understanding of that artist. It shows you who their influences are. It shows you who and what they value. They may also write something in there that may inspire or motivate you in your life. Before social media, this was how we got to learn about our artists.


In no way am I saying to not embrace the digital era or have a age old battle between cds vs streaming. Please support Zo! and other artists by streaming if that is your choice of purchase. But let’s not take the work and passion that these artists are putting into their projects for granted. Let’s not just pick and choose to stream tracks from an artist’s album and really miss out on their heart and vision by not getting their Liner notes. And I hope that if your an artist, that this article will motivate you to take your liner notes more serious for your fans if you are not doing so. I thank you Zo! for reminding us to look at artists beyond and behind the music and to “line up” with their liner notes! Spread The Soup!

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