Who Cares? 2013 Year End Wrap Up List…

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Who Cares? 2013 Year End Wrap Up List…


Sh’yaboy Keithnicity the Track-God here with a year-end wrap up list. It’s all just my own personal opinions. I figured mine would be less irritating than something Complex will cook up. Feel free to agree or tell me to get the fuck outta here. Either way, my thoughts on 2013. Chuuuuch:

Artist of 2013: Kendrick Lamar
Album of 2013: My Name is My Name ~ Pusha T
Most Talked About Album of 2013: Yeezus ~ Kanye West
Mixtape of 2013: Better Off Dead ~ Flatbush Zombies
Independent Album of 2013: Run the Jewels ~ El-P & Killer Mike
Producer of the Year: Eric Arc Elliot
Rookie of the Year: Isaiah Rashad
Best Song of 2013: “Rap God” ~ Eminem
Best Verse of 2013: Kendrick Lamar (from the song “Control” by Big Sean)
Album I Expected To Like a LOT MORE: Because the Internet ~ Childish Gambino
Best Hyper Ignorant Album of 2013: Stay Trippy ~ Juicy J
Best Album of Soft Lullabies & Elevator Music To Put A Baby To Sleep To: Nothing Was the Same ~ Drake
Artist With MOST Cartoony & Ridiculous Voice: Chance The Rapper
Most Slept On Album of 2013: 7 Days of Funk ~ Snoop Dogg & Dam Funk
Most Nonsensical “Tribute To a Legendary Rap Group” That Made No Sense: “Wu-Tang Forever” ~ Drake
Best Non-rap Album of 2013: Matangi ~ M.I.A.
Most Anticipated Project for 2014: Oxymoron ~ Schoolboy Q
Worst White Kid Whose Parents Should Have Canceled Their Subscription to BET: Miley Cyrus/Justin Bieber (tie)
Worst Hair Cut of ALL TIME: Miley Cyrus/Macklemore
Most Untalented Rapper To Pull A “Kanye”: Wale
Silliest Twitter User of 2013: Gucci Mane
Worst Genre of Music EVER: Country (This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything…just sayin’…)
Most Boring Album of 2013: The 20/20 Experience ~ Justin Timberlake
Silliest Trend in Street Fashion: Mask Wearing
Only Artist Name Dropped On “Control” to End Up Looking Silly: Drake
Most Thankfully Absent Rap Star of 2013: Lil Wayne
Most Likely to Ruin a Track with Nonsensical Crooning and General Auto-tune Fuckery: Future


The opinions and views expressed here are the opinions of the designated author(s) and do not reflect the opinions or views of any of the individual members of Dead End Hip Hop.


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