2 Hungy Bros reunite on “The Reconnection”

2 Hungy Bros reunite on “The Reconnection”

77 Rise Recordings & Beat Tape Co. bring Deep and Ben Boogz together again for an Epic Beat Tape. The renowned beat-makers did take some time to work on solo ventures for a while but now they are back in the fold with their new beat tape titled  “Connections Series C007 – The Reconnection”.

The project is made up of 2 sides of dope ass grimy beats. Side A is captained by Deep who crafts quirky, head nodding cuts with unpredictable measures. The side lasts for almost 2ominutes of nonstop audio madness. Side B sees Ben Boogz on the boards with his cinematic, face smashing beats. This is definitely something to vibe to on a hot summer afternoon.

The 2 Hungry Bros have been banging out Beat Tapes across various labels. Deep has released a trilogy on Hipnott and Depth Perception Series on 77 Rise Recordings as well as Theology on Loretta Records. Ben Boogz has dropped I, Moreno on Hipnott and Love handles independently. The 2 busybodies reunite one more time to bring you Reconnections.

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